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Made in 2020, these pieces are a representation of the balance between structure and chaos. Using Stewart Semple's Black 3.0, the blackest black acrylic paint available to all artists except Anish Kapoor, I carefully portray various shapes onto a purposefully crumpled paper. Some images are more ordered than others, but the shapes all change as the viewer moves around the piece.

Accidental Rorschach II
Two Crinkled Smears
Two Crinkled Smears (pt. 1 detail)
Two Crinkled Smears (pt. 2 detail)
Accidental Rorschach I
Untitled V
Untitled V (3/4 view)
Untitled I
Untitled I (3/4 view)
Untitled IV
Untitled IV (3/4 view)
Untitled II
Untitled II (3/4 view)
Accidental Rorschach III
Untitled III
Untitled III (3/4 view)
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